‘Aungpe, Marcos!’

  FLEA MARKET OF IDEAS ‘Aungpe, Marcos!’ “IT’S A Burmese protest slogan I grew up with: ‘Aungpe Marcos!’” L Khun Ring, a 35-year-old Burmese human rights lawyer, told me last week. “It means ‘Get out, Marcos!’” I was in Myanmar (Burma) then to speak at a workshop attended by several members of its national parliament […] More →

Experience Marcos dictatorship in Thailand

FLEA MARKET OF IDEAS Experience Marcos dictatorship in Thailand By: Joel Ruiz Butuyan IF FILIPINO voters who are motivated with a longing to bring back the Marcos years will have their way in the May elections, all Filipino Facebook users will be in jail. This was my conclusion after a four-day stay in Thailand last […] More →

Southeast Asian lawyers form coalition for free expression

Lawyers from five countries in Southeast Asia have met in an historic conference in Cebu, Philippines to form a common front against the repression of freedom of expression in the region. One of their key proposals is to engage together and hold accountable regional institutions like the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights – an […] More →

Centerlaw challenges EDCA before the Supreme Court

Centerlaw joined a group of petitioners asking the Supreme Court to stop the implementation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). EDCA is a new security agreement between the Philippines and the United States that allows more US troops to come to the Philippines and give them access to selected Philippine military bases. Leading the […] More →

Centerlaw challenges Cybercrime Law

Story from Vera Files: ‘Cybercrime law may be unconstitutional’: Carpio Text by Mikha Flores THE recently signed Cybercrime Law may be unconstitutional since it adopted the libel provision of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) which may no longer be in conformance with Supreme Court decisions and international law when the Philippine government signed and ratified […] More →